Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sabah Scouts' Aquaculture centre

Good news for scouters interested in fresh water fish rearing and breeding..

The Sabah Scouts' Aquaculture Training Centre is now operational and open for visitation.

Visitors will be exposed to hands-on experience on how to set up fish tanks or pool, water filtration and fish care.

Mature fish and frys are also available for sale. Related courses will be organized at this centre in the near future.

Construction of this centre's facilities was fully done by Rover Scouts and were mainly from used materials.

Among the types of fish at this centre are : Clarias gariepinus (Keli Afrika), Climbing Perch (Puyu), Stripped Shark (Patin), Shubunkin, Koi and Tilapia.

The centre is also open to the general public.


  1. salam...

    satu pendekatan yang memang positif dan menarik.

    perlu diteruskan dan beri tunjuk ajar dengan yang lain yang berminat.

    setiap daerah rasanya perlu ada inisiatif yang sama...


  2. Salute boys! this is really a good efford. I believe you can encourage your members and general public to gain knowledge and experience in aquaculture practices. Sabah have good high value freshwater and marine fishes that you can explore.