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Station Callsign

Station Master
9M6 MZ
(State Chief Scout Commissioner)


3 Amateur Class A Licensee
51 Amateur Class B Licensee
124 SWLs

Established in July, 1976 the Sabah Scouts' Amateur Radio Club (formerly known as 9M6BP) has inspired quite a number of Amateur Radio enthusiasts and amateur radio has been one of the 'strongest' element of attraction towards scouting back then.

Around those times, incidently, the current State Chief Scout Commissioner (9M6MZ) whom was the leader for State Rover HQ then, had also contributed in the establishment of the Sabah Amateur Radio Society (SARS) and became its Honorary Secretary. He also designed SARS official logo.

The first HF radio unit of the Sabah Scouts' Amateur Radio Club was donated by Dr. San Hutson of the Boy Scouts of America in 1983 and amateur radio activities of Sabah Scouts was mainly moderated by club members which consisted the State Rover Crew (Kumpulan Pengakap Kelana Kepimpinan - KPKK) throughout the 1980s.

Sabah Amateur Radio Club members have participated actively in programmes in and outside of scouting, among them were :

1) Scouts Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)
2) Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon
3) Relief efforts for numerous natural disaster victims in Sabah
...and many more..

In 1999, the existing 60' Antennae Tower situated at Sabah Scouts' State HQ (Rumah BP, Kota Kinabalu) was brought down and replaced by a new 80' tower. The significance of this tower is that the Chief Scout Commissioner (9M6MZ) himself had climbed up and assembled the antennae together all the way to the top. At the same time, the club's repeaters was also activated at Rumah BP and Mount Kinabalu.

The club's official website at was officially launched on 5 November 2002 by the then National Chief Scout Commissioner, Yang Berbahagia Dato' Hamidin bin Abdullah. The site was anchored mainly by fellow club member 9W6VH

Come 2008, the club's license was finally renewed after quite a long and arduous waiting period. However, due to the latest regulations issued by MCMC which concerned national security, the club's callsign 9M6 BPC was changed and will henceforth be 9M4 CBP. Following the license renewal and due to a number of 'silent keys' in the membership, the club is currently undergoing an overall restructuring process and updates will be posted from time to time.

For enquiry, management of the club could be reached at the following contact :

Rumah BP, Jalan Sembulan By-Pass
Off Bulatan Sembulan
(Next to Federal Office)
88899 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia

Tel : 088-219558
Fax : 088-219559
e-mail :

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