Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beaufort District's 60th Anniversary Camp

In conjunction with the 100th Anniversary of Malaysian Scouting celebration, Beaufort Scouting District commemmorated its 60th Scouting Anniversary through an 8-day Regional Level Camp from 15th to 22nd December, 2008. The campsite was located at the Beaufort Town Council' Field.

The camp was participated by 146 Scouters, 52 Scout Leaders/Rovers and 75 camp staff. Participating districts were Beaufort, Kuala Penyu, Tenom, Inanam, Keningau, Papar, Sandakan and Kunak. 4 Commissioners from the state HQ also camped along with 2 scouting exhibitions.

During this camp, participants were exposed to local traditions through crafting activities, nature awareness, the importance of physical health through recreational activities and sportacular events, nature preservation awareness through jungle trails and guided tours as well as general and extraordinary scouting skills and traditions through competitions and exhibitions.

All the participants succeeded in accomplishing all pre-requisits in obtaining the activity badge and the first participant to complete all activities were a Scout from Beaufort District.

INDABA Gathering was held on 20th December 2008 and attended by 128 Rovers, Scout Masters and Scout Commissioners from all around Sabah. The gathering witnessed 4 Assistant Regional Commissioners and 12 Assistant District Commissioners being warranted and the investiture of 18 Rover Scouts.

Throughout the camp, only one participating district - Tenom district came up with an official contingent badge. The contingent consisted of 1 Commissioner/Leader, 3 Rover Scouts and 8 Senior Scouters from the 30th Tenom Senior Scouts' Open Troop.

For the first time ever, a 'campfire robe' competition was organized by the State Commisioners to instill appreciation and interest in badge collecting among the scouts. Five general criterias were judged during the competition, namely;

1) Theme of the robe
2) Amount of badges
3) Age of the badges
4) Order of arrangement
5) Overall creativity in badge arrangements

A total of 5 participants emerged as the finalist, but unfortunately, all participants tend to prefer their campfire robe in a 'vest-jacket' form. Prizes were given in the form of sets of collector's item badges for the top three winners (donated by Mr. Mohd. Zakaria/State HQ Commissioner).

The camp was officially closed on 22nd December 2008 by Beaufort's Assistant District Officer, Mr. Mohd. Shaid Hj. Othman. In the same ceremony, Sandakan District was proclaimed as the overall best contingent participating.


  1. Salam,

    Congrats on the article done! Just a comment: credit should be given to the Beaufort Scouts for designing their own Official Camp badge and not me. We might have to ask them who really did the splendid design.


    Tahniah ke atas artikel ini. Satu sahaja komen: Tahniah harus diajukan kepada Pengakap Daerah Beaufort kerana mereka sendiri telah mereka Lencana Rasmi Kem dan bukannya saya. Rasanya kita kena cari siapakah pereka tersebut.

    Terima kasih.

  2. Salam Pengakap.

    Berkenaan dengan Design Lencana Perkhemahan tu memang kami (KELANA) buat secara berkumpulan. Bukan individu tetapi kumpulan.

    Thank you..